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I do not find the product I am looking for, can you source it?

Yes will help source it for you. Please email us at support@eazypaymall.com with your details including company name, the product and quantity you are looking for.

I do not find the product I am looking for, can you source it?

Yes will help source it for you. Please email us at support@eazypaymall.com with your details including company name, the product and quantity you are looking for.

Can the products be shipped together if I buy from different suppliers?

Shipping as one delivery, when you buy from different suppliers is not available at present; because you are buying from different sellers

When will I receive my order?

You will receive the order on the expected delivery date set when placing the order.

What is the process if the buyer wants to return the products they ordered?

Easypay Mall offers a 7 day return window for items that meet the requirements for return. Please contact us via any of our contact channels within seven days of delivery and we will ensure you get resolution

What happens if my shipment or packages got damaged?

You should always consider insurance when transporting goods. Whether you’re using Eazypay Mall logistics or a 3rd party provider, please make sure to ask about good insurance coverage and check all the inclusions. Nonetheless, taking precautions also greatly helps reduce the risk of damage like the following:

  • Make sure the packages are packed in strong and durable materials and covered in shrink wrap films to help avoid moisture while in transit. 
  • Its recommended photograph the cargo before handing it over to the transporter. These images can be useful later to claim insurance in case of damage or loss. 
  • Choosing a reliable transporter helps mitigate any damage risk. If your transporter suggests proper packing, then you should consider this step. 

Do you have door to door service?

Yes, Eazypay Mall logistics enjoys a wide range of partners agent around the Nigeria and can handle door to door logistics services from anywhere.

When it comes to door-to-door service, Eazypay Mall can fulfill the below depending on the client’s requirements:

DDP: door-to-door shipment is where Eazypay Mall picks up the shipment from the sellers’ doorstep or facility, ships the goods and deliver to final destination facility.

Eazypay Mall will attempt final delivery and updates both seller and buyer with the status.

What are the prohibited items on Eazypay Mall ?

 • All kinds of narcotic or recreational drugs

 • Gambling tools, machineries and devices of all kinds

 • Pirated content

 • Counterfeit currencies

 • Radiation and nuclear fallout contaminated substances

 • Items that contradict Islamic faith and public morals

 • Items used in black magic, witchcraft or sorcery

 • Poppy seeds, or any items containing poppy seeds

 • Nylon fishing nets

 • Listing of services and jobs

 • Counterfeit goods or items of any type

 • Any goods or items that violate the intellectual property rights of any company or individual

 • Stocks, bonds, investment interests and other securities

 • Currencies (including digital currencies) and negotiable instruments (for example, cheques)

 • Items that promote hatred, violence, ethnic, racial or religious intolerance

 • Artifacts, antiquities and art treasures

 • Pornographic materials or items

 • Medical drugs (including over-the-counter)

 • Drug paraphernalia (for example, marijuana pipes/bongs and grow lights)

 • Flammable, explosive, hazardous and radioactive chemicals and substances

 • Fireworks and firecrackers

 • Firearms and ammunition (or items/toys that look like firearms or ammunition)

 • Weapons (for example, crossbows and switchblade knives)

 • Descramblers

 • Devices designed to intentionally block, jam or interfere with authorized communications

 • Bank card readers or “skimmers”

 • Used SIM cards

 • Live animals

 • Animal parts that have been restricted by applicable laws (for example, ivory)

 • Alcohol for consumption, or food products containing alcohol

 • Human Parts

 • Any other items prohibited by laws, regulations, sanctions and trade restrictions in any relevant jurisdiction


How does the promotional coupon code work?

Enter your promotional coupon code in the dedicated field during checkout. You will receive a discount of the coupon amount. It will be deducted from the total amount

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through the Contact Us form on the website or email us at support@eazypaymall.com. You can also reach us via our website Live Chat 

Who qualifies for the promotional code?

Newly registered users are eligible.

Does Eazypay Mall sell fake Products?

Eazypay Mall has a formal Authentic Items Policy that prohibits the sale of counterfeit items, and our team continuously monitors items offered for sale. Sellers who are found to violate the policy may be banned from selling on Eazypay Mall.

What does Eazypay Mall do?

Eazypay Mall is a Business to Business and Business to Consumer eMarketplace connecting sellers and buyers in Nigeria together. Sellers can sell different type of products; Physical, Digital and License keys

Why should I buy on Eazypay Mall?

Eazypay Mall gives you access to a wide selection of verified and trusted sellers with zero cost. We enable you to: 

  1. Find  sellers for a variety of quality products at affordable prices.
  2. Negotiate with multiple sellers, compare prices and get the best deals.
  3. Have one channel for communication to reach multiple sellers 
  4. Access efficient logistics once your order is finalized, by getting quotations from multiple service providers.

Why should I sell on Eazypay Mall?

Eazypay Mall gives you access and connect you to a wide variety and millions of customers in Nigeria, through one platform. We help you with:

  1. A quick and traceable way to  negotiate with buyers.
  2. A quick way to share your products on social Media
  3. Having a digital presence in the Nigeria.
  4. Providing customer support to assist you and your customers.
  5. Providing supply chain trade finance.
  6. Multiple logistics options to deliver your goods.

I hope my Money is safe with Eazypay Mall after fulfilling an order

Your money is safe with us because we use Escrow service and we pay out after the seven days return policy provided the buyer is satisfied with your product

Who is Eazypay Mall for?

Eazypay Mall is for everyone in Nigeria. Provided you have something legal to sell